Synergy Gymnastics Summer Camps

Synergy Gymnastics will offer week long


Camps are combination of gym activities, fun times, play times and art activities.

Each day is a different theme day associated with inflatable sets we have like, princes and castles, sports, sponge bob, bugs and SUPER HUGE inflatable play ground set.

Multiple camper discounts apply: 2nd child 10% off, 3rd and more 20% off.
No registration fee apply to new customers, fees will be posted and then manually removed before charging. All Summer Camp Fees are charged at the time of registration. Camp Fees are considered tuition fees and are non refundable.

Preschool Gymnastics Camp is a camp for our younger friends, ages 4 - 5 yrs. Children will use bars, beams, springboards and spring floors, just like the older gymnasts; only here the equipment is scaled down to their size. Specialty equipment color beams, foam beams, preschool bars, preschool rings, along with many theme related props are  designed to enhance the theme of each camp day. Preschool Gymnastics Camp focuses on social development, as well as cognitive and gross motor skills development. Our experienced staff play creative, educational games and provide a fun stimulating environment.

School-age Gymnastics Camp is a camp for children ages 6 - 12 yrs. Children will use bars, beams, springboards,spring floors and tramps, just like the older gymnasts. This camp designed to introduce to basic gymnastics for beginners kids and provide opportunity for current gymnasts to show off their skills to their friends and have fun learning new skills and playing gym games.

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