Competitive Gymnastics Teams


Your child’s selection and placement on our team is based on your child’s potential to learn gymnastics at a faster pace than the majority of peer participants. Faster learning is predicated by strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and psychological readiness. The ability to master gymnastics skills is, in part, determined by height, weight and overall physical proportions. Our coaching staff determines the placement of athletes with our team and developmental programs based on the following criteria:

1. Skill level,

2. Success at current level,

3. Individual desire,

4. Coachability,

5. Competitive experience,

6. Age,

7. Attendance,

8. Mental attitude,

9. Potential success at higher levels,

10. Parental support

Placement on Synergy Gymnastics teams is by invitation only. There are two ways in which a child can receive an invitation to join our team.

They can come to our program from another team program.  In this case the gymnast is invited to train with our team at their current level for up to a week during which time they are evaluated as to skill level, aptitude and attitude.

Children within our recreational class program are "discovered" because of superior interest or skill level.

Level 3 – 5. These are compulsory only levels. That is, all the gymnasts compete the exact same routines which are designed to develop required skills and technique.

Level 6. Gymnast must compete at least one competition level 5 in order to compete in Level 6.

Level 7. This is a compulsory/optional level. The gymnasts have routines created just for them, but must include certain compulsory elements. The gymnast must have reached her seventh birthday in order to participate.

Level 8. This is the beginning optional level. There are restrictions on skill difficulty. The gymnast must have reached her eighth birthday in order to compete. Level eight competitions are at the local, state and regional levels.

Level 9 - 10. This is a optional only level. There are completions at local, state, regional and Western Nationals and Nationals.


Xcel is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering
individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of Xcel is to
provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels, the
opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.

Our Xcel TEAM program focuses on building positive thinking and
creates the ability for gymnasts to exceed their own expectations by
pushing themselves and pushing each other as a TEAM. Being a successful gymnast is not something that can be achieved alone; everyone needs the help of her TEAM.

The program focuses on a less demanding schedule in a non-stressful
environment. This program caters to everyone’s individual needs.

During all workouts and competitions we strive for excellence. While
winning is not the most important aspect of our program, gymnastics is a
competitive sport, and trying to win represents much of what drives us
each and every day.

Trying to win means the gymnasts train very hard and strives for their
best during every practice. By trying to win, gymnasts will also
overcome fear and keep a positive attitude through every obstacle.

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