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Please welcome: Iowa Imagination Station

The Iowa Imagination Station: where aspiring Einsteins play.

The Iowa Imagination Station at Synergy Gymnastics has added
some more magical events and activities for kids 18 month and older.

FREE Open House at Synergy Iowa Imagination Station:

Monday July 21st from 10am - Noon and from 1pm - 4pm

Tuesday July 22nd from 10am - Noon and from 1pm - 4pm

Wednesday July 23rd from 10am - Noon

Our Very Special House Events have been set. Registration on online is required as we will have a limited number of participants allowed.

Monday, July 28 from 10:00-11:00, help IC Pieman decorate a Monster Whoopsie
Pie. Plus additional free play after the show.

$18 parent and child, additional $7 per person.

Tuesday, July 29 from 10:00-11:00, Dr. Jenni Doll, Veterinarian will bring a
variety of reptiles you can help wrangle.
The Reptile Wrangler will bring (unless one gets a tummy ache that morning), a giant tortoise, Burmese Python, iguana, skink, and maybe a baby gator?!!!

$18 parent and child, additional $7 per person.

Wednesday, July 30 from 10:00- 11:00 become an Indiana Jones in Our Night
at the Museum station: try on costumes, dig for fossils in our box, decipher
clues for an ancient civilization, wrap up as a mummy, and make your personal
cartouche. Plus additional free play after the show.

$15 parent and child, additional $5 per person.

Thursday, July 31: 10:00 -11:00 Enjoy "A Frog in the Bog" puppet
show featuring Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Friends as they get lost in a
swamp while on their way to Paris. Make a Kermit puppet. Plus additional free play after the show.

$15 parent and child, additional $5 per person.

Friday and Saturday, August 1 and 2: 10:00 AM-noon: Treasure Island: Dig for treasure, dress
up as pirates, play with swords, and beware of the Pirate Queen or she'll make
you walk the plank ...there is after all, a sea monster lurking about!
Plus additional free play after the show.

$8 parent and child, additional $5 per person.

These are don't miss events and a chance to get creative and just plain have fun at the Iowa Imagination Station.

Additionally, Daily, July 28th – August 2nd , Monday thru Friday from 1:00pm - 3:00pm come, experience The Iowa Imagination Station during an open play, and learn time. General admission for open play is $8.00 for 1 parent and 1 child and $5.00 per additional person. 18 month and under are free, direct supervision is required.

Learn more at Iowa Imagination Station Face book page.

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NEW! Parent's Night Out! Every first Saturday of the month.

Enjoy a night out and let us take care of your kiddos! Drop them off to have some fun while you take a break!
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New Cheer Program! Learn more here.

Welcome to Synergy Gymnastics website. You have just found newest and hottest gymnastics facility in Cedar Rapids – Coralville Corridor area. Synergy Gymnastics was established in September of 2011 by most experienced and highly qualified gymnastics coaches in entire country. Olympians Alex Kolyvanov Barcelona, Spain ’92, Dmitry Trouch – Gold Medalist at Atlanta, USA ’96 and Oxana Kolyvanova with 15 years of coaching experience from beginner level to upper levels of gymnastics. All of us come from Voronezh gymnastics school - one of the most decorated schools in entire Russia. We are professional gymnastics coaches and former gymnasts ourselves. Our background provides us with strong technical knowledge, safety orientation and tremendous drive to lead kids to be physically fit, happy and grow to be good all-around people. Kid’s development is what we value the most; we believe high gymnastics achievements will come as a result of proper training, discipline and dedication. We pledge to be gymnastics instructors that value and demonstrate these quality characteristics to your children. We have fun doing what we do, our gymnasts experience the same; however it is always a balance of fun and hard work.

Synergy Gymnastics provides gymnastics classes for kids from 18 month old to highest levels of gymnastics; we offer high quality Power tumbling classes, cheerleading tumbling and most FUN Birthday Parties in the area with inflatable bounce house, gymnastics obstacles and games.

Please take your time to learn about us thru this website, and we welcome you to visit us in person and see where and how we do what we do.

Absolutely amazing! The staff are so knowledgeable and connect so well with the kids-whether it's the gymnastics classes or the birthday parties-they are fabulous! I could not recommend this business enough! I tell everyone about them!! 2012-01-31

Gymnastics gives your child the right start in life.


Enhances coordination and agility for body awareness and balance.

Develops posture and confidant body movement, including agility to land safely.

Enhances creativity and builds self-confidence for sport and life.

Develops strength and flexibility for life's constant changes.

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